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robyn metcalfeRobyn S. Metcalfe, PhD – Professor, The University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Robyn Metcalfe is the Director of The Food Lab at UT and a Lecturer in The University of Texas at Austin.

Her research includes Sustainable food systems and urban geography; urban food markets and their design; historical provisioning of cities and urban geography; food history; modern European history; nineteenth-century history.

Currently, Dr. Metcalfe is developing collaborative research on improving the global food system through the UT Food Lab; analyzing historical food systems and their influence and impact on current systems of provisioning of cities; historical research on food markets and urban design;  annual Food and the City Conference; UT Food Studies Project; and food startups and innovations.

In February 2011, she chaired a conference,” Food and the City” sponsored by the Boston University History Department and in 2011-12, she was an Invited Research Fellow at the Institute for Historical Studies. Her new book, “Cattle, Commerce, and the City,” was published in April 2012.

She currently teaches European Food History at The University of Texas.

In addition to her academic work, she founded and managed a farm for ten years that conserved heritage livestock breeds, she holds a Certificate from Cordon Bleu, and is the current president of the Gloucestershire Old Spots Pigs Association of America.

Dr. Metcalfe received her Ph.D. in Modern European History from Boston University, where she taught Agricultural History, Modern European History, European Cultural History, and Food History.

Retrat de Thomas GlickThomas Glick, PhD – Professor, Boston University

Tom Glick is professor of history and gastronomy at Boston University, where he teaches history of science and technology and food history. He has a particular approach to food history, which is that its “natural” methodology is one that is focused on the field’s distinct and unique data base, that is, cookbooks and recipes.


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